Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PPD – Paperproducts Design features Linadona Botanica Art

The notion of bringing nature into the home through art has taken in an exciting turn for Linadona Botanica. Our design featuring a crisp rendering of both red and green apples has been “picked” by PPD for beverage napkins in time for the Fall season.

We are so pleased to see the transition from concept to product result in a quality paper product. PPD can be found in fine stationery and gift shops around the world, so it is a real thrill to be represented by them.

I am sure as we walk through stores that carry napkin displays will be taking a closer look! (We hope you find us there!)
Submitted by Dona Warner

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Linadona Botanica at Castello di Casole

Tuscan Botanical Giclees by Linadona Botanica
I recently returned from teaching a Plein Air Painting workshop in Tuscany.While I was there I stopped by the Castello di Casole, a new five star hotel located in the heart of central Tuscany on the top of a hill. The views are incredible!. Linadona Botanica was fortunate enough to work with JBanks Design Group to provide several works of art for various areas in the hotel. Above, is a grouping of Tuscan Botanicals in one of the guest rooms. I also provided original oils and watercolors of my plein air paintings of Tuscany. It was an honor to be part of this project.
Submitted by Linda Warner Constantino

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Italian Lavender

A Riot of Lavender with Zinnias at Spannocchia in Tuscany, Italy
I was fortunate enough to teach a plein air painting workshop in Italy again this summer. The truth is I am always inspired by the gardens there because the flowers are planted among the vegetables. Everything I love in one place! Though it was pretty hot I came home filled with ideas for Linadona Botanica. I also love that the zinnias are this year's trend color!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wrapping it up at Surtex 2012

Linadona Botancia Wrapping Paper Mock-ups
We had a very productive year at Surtex this past May and it was gratifying to experience our nature inspired work connecting with so many people.
Dona had a great time mocking up these gift boxes ( above) that we showed in our booth. They were done with such care, she was born to wrap!
Linadona Botanica Surtex Booth #455
Dona also served as our booth designer extraordinaire and it certainly helps to have her discerning eye and attention to detail to make things right. This year we made it a point to add more florals like the Flight of Orchids Collection and also designed a coastal collection called Tidal Catch.
Since we both studied art in Italy and have a love for all things Italian, we found it difficult to stay away from Mario Batali's Eataly in our off time. We confess to having several delicious meals there and enjoyed roaming around the market area. The perfect way to end a rigorous day at Surtex! I even took a suitcase packed with olive oil, cheese and salami back to South Carolina.
Baby Cauliflowers from Eataly

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Surtex in May 2012

©2012 by Linda Warner Constantino for Linadona Botanica™

I am busy painting for botanical watercolors for the Surtex - the surface textile show in May 2012 at the Jacob Javits Center. This will be our second year for Linadona Botanica which is the name of the art licensing business run by  my sister Dona and me. I have plenty of inspiration but a limited amount of time. I will be teaching Watercolor for the Illustrator this Spring at SCAD like I do every other quarter so that will keep my hand in the medium. The design above are Abuliton flowers also called Japanese Lanterns and probably a few other names. I just love how beautiful they are at every stage of their grow and they have continued to defiantly bloom all winter despite their delicacy. I love their tenacity! 
Dona is handling the business side of things and lending her superb art directing skills wherever needed. If you come to Surtex, stop by and see us at Booth 455.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Complementing my Garden with Chickens by Dona Warner

Last Fall I decided that I wanted to raise chickens. Not knowing anything about chickens; I did my research and I took the plunge. From their arrival as day old chicks, I coddled and pampered them, feared for them through a blustery winter when a hungry fox stalked their coop. They survived the harsh snows and when the weather finally warmed up, every opportunity to range free was a festive affair. Running wild, spreading their wings, never really taking flight, but clearly jumping for joy! The garden is their paradise. They move about the yard scratching, exposing and consuming slumbering insects and worms. During the summer months the vegetable garden is off limits, for fear that they would steal our harvest. Now that Fall has arrived and I have lost my steam, the gate is open and they are allowed to take full advantage of the bounty.
I had my doubts about being able to actually raise chickens in a small town. The critical days after the baby chicks arrived in the mail were so stressful. They are so cute, but equally fragile. I was the “mother hen”, checking in on them constantly. I am not particularly comfortable with birds. I am more of a cat or dog person, so this was new territory. Chickens are not cuddly creatures. They are skittish and yet when food is offered, the come a running from the far reaches of the yard!
The bonus, of course, is the very best eggs that you will ever experience. Marigold orange yolk that stand tall and fresh, still warm from the nest. The comfort of having chickens roaming the yard has become an evening and weekend ritual for our family. Watching the gorgeous Golden Wyandotte emerge from the garden, followed in tow by the three quirky bantam Brahmas and the sturdy Barred Plymouth Rock, give a distinctive contrast of color, texture and vitality to the landscape that is so surprising and curious. I cannot imagine the garden without this wonderful flock!

What a poser!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Persimmon © 2011 by Linda Warner Constantino - Watercolor
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love cooking and setting the table and getting things ready. I also like that it is about getting together without a lot of stress. Though it can be stressful if the turkey does not come out right! I have quite a harvest of meyer lemons this year so I made meyer lemon and cranberry relish and an apple, meyer lemon and cranberry galette along with the other traditional foods.
The center piece on my table in the photo is made from pomegranates, persimmons, bay leaves, and eucalyptus. leaves.  I am most attracted to the persimmons and I discovered that they grow locally. One of the models in my portrait class brought me some with the branches and leaves still on them. You never find them this way in the grocery store. Of course, I had to paint one of them! To capture all the subtle colors in the skin took several washes.